Terms and Conditions

Once a deposit or full payment has been made it is acknowledged legally by Special Events Ltd  that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted






Our contractors will aim to arrive ten to fifteen minutes before the agreed in writing time of an event (or before if a lengthy set-up is required).


Due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances on rare occasions where they may be past the scheduled agreed time (in writing) of arrival, up to thirty minutes will not result in any compensation, the entertainers will continue to attend for the scheduled period of time (complete the number of hours contracted) or, if unable to do so a 25 percent discount will be given off a future booking. 


You will need to require proof of any lateness via three oral testimonials and show that arrival was agreed at that time in writing. If on arrival the client accepts the entertainer to continue their services at the event to an agreed duration and/or the entertainer fulfilled an hour or more of entertainment on the given day no refund will be given


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If you should give us an incorrect time in writing then you forfeit all rights to compensation for full or part of the booking. A charge then for expecting and asking our entertainers to work during their breaks due to your error or to help clean up after a party will be invoiced at 50 percent of the full booking fee on top of the agreed payment.




It is the client's responsibility to provide an active mobile number for the party/event a week in advance and an email with clear directions, so that we can forward that to the entertainer. The client must be available by mobile phone in the event that they are unable to find the venue. Failure to do so mean that any issue will be at fault of the client.


It is also expected that full internet access and electrical supply is given if this is not supplied for music supply then you forfeit all rights to any refund for full or any part of a booking.




If you keep our entertainer waiting unable to fulfill their service additional hours shall be charged at £250 per hour per entertainer. First half hour of delay will be no charge if unforseen but party may need to be cut short and same fee applies.




Any complaint must be made by email within 12 hours of the booking to receive any compensation (refer to point 3) otherwise we will assume all was satisfactory. Photographic evidence must be supplied if you are not happy with the appearance of any entertainer and you must express it at the time of the booking to them.  A charge of fifty percent will be made should you expect the entertainer to dress up or do anything they were not contracted to do.




Facepainting, face painting is subjective, we strive to meet a necessary standard. If you are not happy you must ask the facepainter to stop their services after a maximum of three faces otherwise no refund will be given as you have continued to use our full services and cost of facepainting equipment and time. Photographic evidence of the faces you are not happy with must be supplied so we can compare them against industry average.


(a little like eating a full meal in a restaurant and then complaining it was not satisfactory it must be bought to the entertainers and our attention at the time to prevent people making unfair complaints to get money back after they have continued using services). Please note if you say that you will be bringing supportive staff to an event and then cause our staff to work harder at any event by failure to keep your word an additional fee will apply.  


Sign off


2. Our entertainers may bring a sign off sheet to the party.


Once signed the client has no right to complain, or make negative reviews about the company.


If there is an issue with or without a sign off sheet it must be raised while the entertainer is at the party and before they depart by calling the agency booker you booked and with the entertainer should be present to discuss. Failure to do so will invalidate any complaint.


3. Should there be any complaint (you must call the agency to report this while the entertainer is present) it must be then put in writing by email within 12 hours to customerservices@storyparties.co.uk (not initially by text or phone) and we will respond within 24 hours from receipt of the email.




Please note that you agree by accepting our service to not to discuss any business matters with the entertainers - that includes pricing. 




Cancellation Policy


4. Once a deposit is made, it will not be refunded but a new booking date can be organised at an additional fee of £100 for date transfers.


7. If you wish to cancel any party, notice must be given in writing and you must have received an email to info@specialevents.biz acknowledgment back. Please note we cannot accept messages left on voice mail as notification.


8. In the event of extreme weather conditions, you may arrange another party date at no cost. If the entertainer is able to get to the party due to weather conditions the same rule applies, we will re-arrange at no cost.




9. All of our entertainers are freelancers and have public liability insurance and where required a DBS check and operate under their own risk assessments. They are covered under their own policies. If you require this sending in advance please give us 5 days notice to acquire it for you from them.


10. Please note, for safety reasons, at least one other adult, in addition to the entertainer, must be present the whole time the entertainment is running and that is the responsibility of the person booking the party. They must be present should they be needed in the event of an accident arising. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this happens. At no point should the entertainer be with children alone and that is the clients responsibility


11. We retain the right not to conduct certain activities if we feel the children are not responding appropriately, or are too riotous and therefore we deem it unsuitable to conduct certain activities at the party for either safety or other reasons. No refund will be given.


12. If there are not at least 2 adults present we retain the right not to conduct certain activities but still charge.


13. Whilst our parties have a set structure, they will vary according to the entertainer taking the party and are given only as a guideline. 


Booking our Services


14. Please note that a party is not booked and confirmed until a deposit has been paid to Special Events.


15. Please note that we cannot offer to guarantee to provide a specific entertainer for any party but will endeavor to supply closely to your required theme and requirement. This includes but is not limited to being unable to provide an entertainer/s based on their gender, age, ethnicity, or religion. 

We have the right to substitute an alternative to that booked in the event an entertainer is sick or unable to attend.


16. We reserve the right to refuse a booking or to cancel an existing booking for any reason. This includes but is not limited to if a customer is abusive, unfair, rude or threatening in some way, or we feel a booking might put an entertainer in a dangerous, inappropriate or uncomfortable position.


17. Please note we do not respond to texts or emails after 7pm until 8am 



18. Unless you have already paid the balance in full, the remaining balance for the entertainment must always be paid seven days in advance. If the payment has not been received we cannot guarantee your booking and the deposit WILL NOT be returned. A fee of 25 pounds is payable if payment is not received within 72 hours of the booking.





19. Please note Special Events  does not take responsibility for children causing damage to a venue or any property that the party is held in. This includes, but is not limited to a home, hired venue or public area.


20. Please note that all of our party packages are appropriate to the age of the children outlined on our website. You should be aware that the activities will not be appropriate for children outside the specified age range. If you have younger children attending the party we would ask that you please ensure that either the parent or an adult supervisor is there to look after them and prevent them from disrupting the show. This is particularly important.


21. By booking a party with Special Events Ltd you understand that you release us from any liability associated with accidents of any kind. This includes but is not limited to accidents occurring to any adults or children. You also release Special Events Ltd from any liability associated with accidents or damage caused to furniture, fixtures or fitting or property of any kind not belonging to that of Special Events Ltd.


22. In the unlikely event that refunds or compensation is requested, you accept that any refunds or compensation given, will be limited to the total value of the cost of hiring our services less direct costs.


23. If parties are held anywhere other than your home, we will assume that you have either hired the hall or had permission to use the space, and have deemed the space suitable and safe to use for the types of activities being provided by Special Events.


24. Please note that, although it is extremely unlikely to happen, we reserve the right to cancel a party at any time, either before or during the party. This may include, but is not limited to, cancelling a party if we deem the venue to be unsuitable or if we feel that there are circumstances present of any kind that would be unsuitable to run a party.

On rare occasions your entertainer cancels at the last minute due to unforseen circumstances.


25. All parties are exclusive to Special Events Ltd and all material is copyrighted and the property of Story Parties Ltd.


What we need to conduct the entertainment:


26. We will need access to electricity. Usually if the party is indoors this will be no problem. If your party is outside we would ask you to ensure there is access to electricity. If you are using extension cables/leads for outside then please ensure the cables are running along completely dry ground and they are not in contact with any wet or damp surfaces.


27. We cannot be responsible for not being able to provide activities that require electricity, due to power failures or tripped circuits at the venue we are operating in.


28. During our parties we ask that no food or drink is provided during the actual entertainment that might distract children from the entertainment whilst it is happening. E.g. buffet food out on a table for children to access. Again, this is particularly important.



The Special Events Team

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